28 Oct 2019

Kindrik is a visual manifestation of the mysterious tiger and diverse cultural inspirations in the Kinjaz universe, the result of a collaboration between Kinjaz and Clog Two. Earlier on, we launched the Kindrik 6” Figurine produced by Mighty Jaxx, which got snapped up and sold out in no time. We would like to express a big thank you to our supporters, we can’t wait to see Kindrik hit your Instagram posts, so remember to tag @kinjaz @clogtwo and @mightyjaxx!

Clog Two is known for his mecha-style illustrations of pop culture characters, and Kindrik, being part of the Mechasoul universe, exists as a 2D illustration before it crossed over to the 3D realm. Check out this absolutely sick illustration of Kindrik which Clog Two posted on his Instagram!

Clog Two Kinjaz Kindrik illustration
Photo: Clog Two


You can even watch the entire digital drawing process timelapse on Instagram!

Alongside the Kindrik 6” Figurine, we have also designed an embroidered souvenir jacket and a 3M printed tee to complete the Mechasoul Kindrik Kollection. We wanted the souvenir jacket to be scrupulously embellished with intricacy, making it a wearable piece of art of the highest quality. A large embroidery of Kindrik boldly covers the back of the jacket, while the smokey KIN emblem gives the souvenir jacket its signature look.

Not a single detail is overlooked – you’ll find a custom kunai zip and also removable sleeve patch with kunai embroidery. Even the lining is fully printed with smoke design, and we think it that looks incredible in photos! Check out the flash of smoke hiding within the jacket in this photo...

The 3M printed tee, on the other hand, is more understated. Special 3M ink is used to print the design of Kindrik and the word “虎“ ( in Chinese, tora in Japanese: meaning tiger) on the front and back of the tee respectively. Take a photo of this tee with your camera’s flash on, and you’ll see the reflective property of the 3M ink add life to the already kickass design! This tee looks amazing in daylight and at night, on both boys and girls!

Whether it’s for dance, work or just to chill, this jacket and tee are definitely some of our favourite apparel items and we are grateful to have created this with the awesome artwork by Clog Two. With that, we hope that you have discovered a little more about the products in the Mechasoul Kindrik Kollection that we love so much, and that you'd love them just as much as we do. 


Photo Credit: VIBRVNCY


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